AstraChrome works by laying down a layer of pure silver that can be applied to the surface of any material which can be painted, and gives an exceptionally lustrous mirror finish. The result resembles a traditional electroplated finish, but without the hassle, and the  environmentally hazardous chemicals used in tank plating.

While superficially resembling the spray chrome, sometimes called hydrochrome systems, that have gone before, Spray Chrome Solution's, AstraChrome system was developed from scratch, to eliminate the problems and deficiencies inherent in other systems. The resultant system is built upon scientific principles, rather than folklore and has many features not found in inferior systems, such as an additional stage to produce an even “Chroming,” effect. Superior materials and quality control means that the AstraChrome system works every time, where others may fail.

The process has 3 stages. First, the work-piece is base-coated, using a specially developed epoxy resin paint designed to give a very high gloss surface and outstanding adhesion to substrates.  Next, the painted surface is metallised, the unique AstraChrome  water-based chemical system which actually plates the surface electrolessly. Finally, using normal spray painting methods, a specially developed clear lacquer layer is applied to the plated layer, to protect it from damage.

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